Rivona Caves Goa
Historical landmark & popular tourist attraction in Goa

Tour of Rivona Caves

As per Wikipedia Rivona is a small town located in South Goa but the history of Rivona caves is very deep and goes back to the times when the first settlers came to Goa through these caves and left their footprints behind.

The old name of Rivona was Rishivan which is a combination of the word “Rishi” meaning a Hindu sage or saint and “van” meaning forest. As the name suggests that Rivona caves are believed to be chosen as a destination by the wise and learned people of that era.

Rivona Caves hence have been popularly referred to as the Buddhist caves as well as the Pandava caves. As these caves are thought to have been used by either the Pandavas (the five brothers from the Mahabharat epic) or the Buddhist monks during the 7th century. Stories also show that these caves were also visited by Lord Hanuman, a Hindu Lord.

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