Chorao Island - Nature Trail
Migratory Birds - Chorao Island
River-fringed island in Goa

Chorão Island - Nature Trail, Bird Watching & More!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Chorão Island is a very cool and calm place to visit. The island was earlier know as Chudamani, which means ‘stunning precious stone’ in Sanskrit. Later, the island was names aa Ilhas Dos Fidalgos meaning the Island of the Noblemen by the Portuguese

This island attracts visitors due to its rich flora and fauna. There are many mangroves housing a large variety of birds and is also home to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Tourists can also get glimpse of the untouched culture of Goan villages and see traditional houses. Making it a great place to visit for both nature lovers as well as people interested in the history of Goa.

The boat tour on back waters to see mangrove vegetation, local Goan crabs and migratory birds is a must. There is also a little trek on a small hillock with cashew trees on both sides of the path and takes you to a picture-perfect spot where exists the lost seminary of Saint Gerome.

A visit to the Devaki Krishna temple, one of the only 2 temples in India that are devoted to Krishna and Devaki the biological mother, adds to the overall experience.

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