Headless Nandi - Village of Chandor
Portuguese mansions - Chandor Village
Place of history, heritage and culture

Tour of Chandor Goa

The first capital of Goa, known as Chandrapura and now popular by the name Chandor, is located on the banks of river Kushawati in south Goa at approximately a distance of 10 km from Margo. Chandor is popular among tourists today for its rich history dating back to the dynasties of Bhojas and Kadambas.

There are many stories to hear about the gold coins, trade as well as the curse given by the queen of the Kadamba dynasty, which led to the many eligible youths from Chandor migrating to urban towns and abandoning their houses.

Tourists can visit the 400-year-old Portuguese-style mansions including the palatial Menezes Braganza Pereira house and the famous headless statue of the Nandi bull which was believed to be Lord Shiva’s mode of transport.

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