Wedding Trends in India 2023 and Beyond

Five essential tips for planning an Insta-worthy Destination Wedding

The idea of a big fat Indian wedding is exciting, but what could be better? A big fat Indian wedding that is on-trend and in a stunning destination.

With over 700 million active Instagram users and more than a billion people checking Facebook every day, it’s no wonder that it is a trend among young couples to incorporate social media engagement into their wedding planning.

Also, with the pandemic introducing the concept of intimate weddings, we will see a blend of destination weddings with a more intimate setting in 2023 and beyond. This means fewer guests, more festivities, personalization, and breathtaking views.

When it comes to destination weddings that is Instagram-worthy, Goa, India is a natural choice. Goa is a beautiful destination known for its picturesque beaches, lush landscapes, and historic architecture and  it’s no surprise that many couples choose Goa as their wedding destination. In this blog, we’ll share with you five essential tips for planning an Insta-worthy wedding in Goa.

Tips for Planning an Instagrammable Destination Wedding

Couples Choice Award Winner Beleza 2023

1. Wedding Venue

Goa has many stunning wedding venues to choose from, but it’s important to select a venue that aligns with your personal style and vision. Whether it’s a beachfront resort, a historic mansion or a lush garden, choose a venue that will make a statement and enhance the aesthetic of your wedding.

The exquisite Beleza by the Beach, located on the picturesque shores of Goa, India, has been honored with the prestigious Wedding Wire’s Couple’s Choice Award 2022 and 2023. Known for its luxurious amenities, world-class service, and breathtaking location with beach on one side and lush green paddy fields on the other, Beleza is a sought-after wedding destination for couples who seek a remarkable celebration that’s worthy of sharing on social media.

2. Wedding Theme

Once you decide on the venue then the next step to planning an Insta-worthy wedding in Goa is to choose a wedding theme that aligns with your personal style and vision. Whether you’re dreaming of a beach boho, elegant vintage, or modern glam wedding, selecting the perfect theme will set the tone for your wedding decor and aesthetic. Your wedding theme should reflect your personality and style and enhance the natural beauty of the location.

Beleza by the Beach resort offers a range of outdoor and indoor venues that can cater to a variety of wedding themes. For a beachfront venue, the Nazare Lawns is a great option with a total capacity of approximately 350 guests, comprising of 150 seating and 200 floating. The Tentação Lawns is another stunning outdoor venue located by the poolside with a capacity of approximately 190 guests, comprising of 50 seating and 140 floating. Additionally, the resort has two indoor venues, namely Sereno and Praia Brança, with a capacity of approximately 130 guests (40 seating and 90 floating) and approximately 170 guests (70 seating and 100 floating), respectively.

3. Wedding Décor

Wedding decor plays a crucial role in bringing your vision to life for an Instagram-worthy wedding. From floral arches to beachy centerpieces, work with professional wedding planners to create a decor plan that complements your wedding theme and enhances the natural beauty of the location.

If you’re looking for top-notch wedding decor and design, look no further than Beleza. Our skilled staff, coupled with our extensive vendor network and exceptional event planners, are committed to bringing your vision to life and transforming your wedding celebration into a truly unforgettable experience.

4. Wedding Hashtag

Creating a wedding hashtag is a great way to create a digital buzz around your wedding and make it easy for guests to share their photos and memories. Choose a unique and catchy hashtag that reflects your personality and wedding theme. Encourage your guests to use the hashtag when sharing photos and memories from your special day.

Don’t stress if you’re unsure about which hashtags to choose for your wedding. Our experienced wedding planners at Beleza can assist you by providing suggestions and personalized hashtags that perfectly match your celebration. Our team will also ensure that these hashtags are prominently displayed at the venue, making it effortless for your guests to follow and tag their images.

5. Professional Photographer

Whether it’s a candid shot on the beach or a stunning sunset backdrop, make sure to include Goa’s natural beauty in your pre-wedding and wedding album.

Hiring a professional photographer is crucial so be sure to choose a photographer who understands your vision and style and has experience shooting destination weddings.

Our staff would be delighted to offer you recommendations for outstanding premium wedding photographers and filmmakers. All you need to do is ask, and we’ll provide you with some great options to choose from.

Wedding Photos at Beleza Goa


In conclusion, planning an Insta-worthy destination wedding is all about choosing the right wedding theme, venue, decor, hashtag, and photographer. With these five essential tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful and memorable wedding that you and your guests will never forget.

So, start planning your dream wedding in Goa today and get ready to say “I do” in one of the most stunning destinations in India.

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