Places to visit in Goa in monsoon

Experience the beauty of South Goa this monsoon season

Goa is situated along the Indian west coast touching the Arabian Sea on one side and partly hilly terrain of Western Ghats on the other side. Goa is also one of the most popular tourist destinations of India due to the pleasant weather conditions in the area for the most part of the year.

Summer is short in Goa, and the weather gets very hot during the month of May but starting mid-June up to October, Goa receives plenty of rainfall each year. The rain clouds carrying water enter Goa from the Arabian Sea and hit the mountains of the Western Ghats emptying all the water content during these months.

The rains bring temperature down along with turning Goa more picturesque during monsoon season. During this time of the year Goa takes on more traditional flavors allowing nature to flourish, white sand on the beaches to shine, pond, rivers and waterfalls to swell up in excitement infusing refreshment and romance in the air.

Places to visit in Goa in monsoon

Why travel to Goa during the monsoon season?

All this beauty of Goa during the monsoon season also comes with some great financial benefits like cheap flights tickets and discounted deals on hotels and resorts. This is because the monsoon season is also referred to as off-season time in Goa. A few things like beach shacks, nightclubs, etc. close during this time but Goa is much more beyond parties and beaches and monsoon season is one of the best times to explore the hidden beauty of Goa. So, if you are a nature lover who loves traveling to less crowded beaches then come to Beleza By the Beach, one of the top Goa beach resorts in South Goa during Monsoon 2023. Some of the top things to do in and around the resort during the monsoon season in 2023 are listed below:

paddy-bar at goa

Enjoy the view of lush paddy fields from the resort

Check in to your spacious & tastefully designed charming rooms offering all necessary amenities and enjoy the lovely views of the paddy fields and the gorgeous sunrise from the balcony of your room. South Goa in the monsoon is green, peaceful, and romantic, so it’s the best time to soak in the beauty of the paddy fields.

Romantic long walks on the beaches of South Goa

The second-best thing to do during your stay at Beleza By the Beach in monsoon season 2023 is to enjoy the long walks on the beaches. Our resort offers private access to the beach & due to less crowd, one can enjoy privacy along with soaking up the freshness in the air. Beaches in South Goa are also cleaner and prettier during the monsoon season.

Tour the organic garden at the resort or visit the spice plantation near the resort

The resort has a big organic garden with a variety of plants & flowers and guests can spot a large variety of birds that rest on the trees. Simply connect with our staff for a guided tour of the organic garden.

The Ponda region in South Goa has many spice gardens and visiting them in the monsoons is a great option. It’s eco-friendly and full of fun. Hence, a must-do for nature lovers. Sahakari Spice Farm is located 25 kms. from the resort and during the monsoon, the air at the farms is full of aromas of different spices as well as the setting is perfect to click some beautiful pictures. With a guided tour, one can learn more about spice cultivations as well as buy some fresh spices and oils at great prices.

Relax at our spa with some monsoon special ayurvedic massages

As monsoon is the period which as per Ayurveda aggravates doshas in the human body and hence leads to many illnesses and health issues. It is very essential to take care of our health by some rejuvenating massages. In this season, the pores of the human body are open which makes it more receptive to the treatments. It will help to keep the mind and body energized and recharged. You can add rejuvenation therapies to your reservation at the time of the booking or can simply connect with our staff at the spa to make a reservation post your arrival at the hotel.

Our rejuvenation therapies will help boost your immunity alleviating current illness and preventing further illnesses. Also, the massage will help rejuvenate your body and mind.


Witness the majestic waterfalls of South Goa

Once again South goa has a ton of beautiful waterfalls that swell up in excitement during the monsoon season and are recommended things to do for visitors. Within 30 mins drive, guests at Beleza by the Beach Resort can reach some beautiful, small, and private waterfalls of South Goa. Some recommended waterfalls include Verna Waterfalls, Udear Springs Waterfalls, Mist Waterfall.

Dudhsagar Falls

Chorao Island tours are also very popular among tourists visiting Goa in the monsoon season and our front desk staff can provide you with some suitable options. At Beleza, we are all about customizing stays based on our guests’ needs and requirements. So, if you liked what you read but need to tweak a few items then feel free to call us at 0832 6719200 or email us at reservations@belezagoa.com. Based on your request our staff members will get in touch with you and help you create the best monsoon trip to South Goa.