Winner of Pride of Bharat 2023 Award

A Luxurious Family Retreat on South Goa's Shores

Are you dreaming of a perfect family getaway that combines luxury, relaxation, and fun-filled activities for the full family? Look no further than Beleza by the Beach Resort South Goa! Nestled in the heart of this tropical paradise and winner of the Pride of Bharat 2023 Award, Beleza Goa offers a holistic experience that caters to all your family’s desires. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the reasons why Beleza Goa is the ideal destination for creating unforgettable family memories.

Beleza Pride of Bharat Award

Crafting Memorable Stays: Villas at Beleza

When it comes to a family vacation, accommodation plays a pivotal role in shaping your experience. Ideal for families with children, Beleza’s generously sized two-bedroom villa (109 sq. meters / 1170 sq. feet) boasts an elegant design with luxurious fixtures. It features all contemporary conveniences, premium bedding for your utmost comfort, and complimentary Wi-Fi access. Each room includes a beautifully designed, spacious bathroom, as well as a sizable private balcony with comfortable lounge seating.

Culinary Delights: Multi-Cuisine Restaurants

One of the highlights of any vacation is indulging in exquisite cuisine. At Beleza Goa, your family’s taste buds are in for a treat. The resort boasts a range of multi-cuisine restaurants that cater to various palates.

Start your day with a scrumptious breakfast at the Tentaçaõ, where you can explore Oriental, Italian, and Goan food surrounded by alluring paddy fields. Later, engage in a variety of activities, including shopping, playing pool and foosball, browsing our library for a good read, and savoring light bites, refreshing beverages, aromatic coffee, and delightful ice cream at Pavilhão.

Conclude your day by savoring the sunset and relishing the soothing sounds of the waves at our beachfront restaurant and bar, Nazare. Indulge in a delectable dinner with a diverse range of cuisine options, including modern Goan, Indian, European, and Asian dishes. Our resort’s skilled chefs are dedicated to providing your family with a memorable and exceptional dining experience.

Make Lasting Memories at the Beach

No family vacation in Goa is complete without some quality time at the beach. Beleza Goa is conveniently located near the pristine shores of Betalbatim Beach, ensuring that the beach is just a stone’s throw away. Spend your days building sandcastles, taking leisurely strolls along the shore, or simply soaking up the sun.

The beach also offers exciting tours and adventure packages. Try your hand at water sports like parasailing or jet-skiing, or embark on a memorable dolphin-watching tour with your family. The possibilities are endless, and Beleza Goa ensures that your beachfront experience is both safe and enjoyable.

Fun for the Kids: Play Area and Activities

To ensure our little guests feel engaged, the resort features a dedicated play area where kids can let their imaginations run wild. While you relax by the pool or indulge in spa treatments, your children can enjoy supervised playtime with other young guests.

Moreover, Beleza offers a plethora of activities designed to engage and entertain your kids. From birdwatching and coconut picking to pizza making, there’s always something exciting happening at the resort. These activities not only entertain but also educate, allowing your kids to connect with the culture and environment of Goa.

Rejuvenate and Relax: Spa Services

While family vacations are undoubtedly exciting, they can also be tiring. That’s why Beleza Goa offers an extensive range of spa services to help you unwind and rejuvenate. After a day of adventure and exploration, treat yourself to a spa session that will melt away stress and leave you feeling refreshed.

Choose from a variety of ayurvedic massages and therapies designed to cater to your individual needs. The spa at Beleza is a tranquil oasis where you can relax your mind, body, and soul. It’s the perfect way for parents to unwind while the kids are busy with their activities.


Beleza Goa is the ultimate family getaway destination that combines luxurious villas, delectable multi-cuisine dining, rejuvenating spa services, and a plethora of activities for both adults and children. The resort’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive experience guarantees that your family will forge indelible memories together, which is why it received the 2023 Pride of Bharat Award in the “Most Luxurious Family Beach Resort in South Goa” category.

Whether you’re basking in the comfort of your villa, savoring mouthwatering dishes, relaxing at the spa, or exploring the beautiful surroundings, Beleza Goa has everything you need for a perfect family vacation. So, pack your bags, plan your trip, and get ready to make lasting memories at Beleza Goa.